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After decorating the Anderson Family home, the next step that followed was Pam’s office. Pam is a successful CPA (does wonders with our business books, Interior Inspirations!), and she stays so sharp and current in what she provides to her clients. With so much style and grace, she provides sheer professionalism in everything she does. So, her office needed to reflect that, while also reflecting what her home did as well – Pam’s personality!

But let me just point this out too … When you walk into ANY office, what you see reflects the person. There is no way to separate the surroundings from the individual who works in those surroundings. WHAT you see lets you know WHO works there. Is there organization? Is there order? Is there comfort and peace? Or do you see chaos, disorder and disorganization? As people enter into your work space, do they see the signs of someone who enjoys being an effective producer … those signs are generally these:

structure – order – organization 

Pam is a highly effective producer, taking her work very seriously and is in no way a slacker! She stays on top of her game and being a marathoner, she enjoys pushing herself. Having goals and reaching them. She called me the other day and said, “I ran 19 miles!” I couldn’t believe it…and yet, that is exactly what she needed to do to prepare for the 26 mile marathon she has committed to! THAT is Pam! She is a go-getter and highly organized!  While also one of the most kind hearted, fun, creative and full of a warm personality folks you will ever meet!

And her work space needed to reflect that.

Here is where it all started … first thing, remove all the “Stuff” left there by previous renter.


So THAT is where Pam’s desk would go…after getting that green carpet up and out!

New neutral tight looped carpet (great for an office) and Pam’s desks all in place.

Next, it was time to furnish the sitting area, the conference area, and to add a space for her intern. Sofa, chairs, coffee table, conference table and chairs all came from Wayfair.


Then, it was time to decorate and pull all the colors together using texture!










So, to go from this  …

To this …

Now, Pam is ready to provide her services in an office that literally opens a professional door of “Welcome” to her clients!

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