All On a Torn Piece of Paper

Rip's note
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First, I want to apologize for not having posted on this website in so long. As many of our SUBSCRIBERS know, I have other web-based platforms. For example, on one of them last month, we took the entire month of June to daily study the theology of Joy. Every day we looked into God’s Word to really understand this characteristic of God and how we, as Christians, not only have a disposition of joy but what its expression is to be in our life. But we also looked at Scripture that taught us just how true joy IS ours in increasing measure and is one of the marks of having suffered – suffered afflictions, trials, persecutions, reproaches – as Christ.

Now, for the month of July we are studying the theology of Kindness. This has been such a full month of looking deeper into God’s Word for those rich nuggets of truth in HIS kindness…HIS goodness. So, if you would like to join us in these studies, simply sign up on this site under SUBSCRIPTIONS. I will get your information from our administrator (Stephen Foster) and would love to send you the links to the other web-based platforms where we post content to encourage your life.

But why am I sharing with you a little note I found one day when I walked out of our family room after a workout…

It’s because of what we have been studying this month – Kindness.

Kindness, when you look into the Bible for the kindness and goodness of God, you see not just ‘acts’ of kindness, but you see demeanors, you see dispositions, you see motivations of kind heartedness. Some translations use the word “loving kindness” for the goodness of God.

Rip is the most kindhearted person I have ever known. He gives and he gives and he gives of himself for one purpose – to make someone happy. To see them smile and just to know that he was able to make something right for them. He’s a giver. I remember when he was ordained as deacon, our pastor (Ronnie Falvey) said to those gathered that evening, “If you ever wanted to know what a servant hearted man looks like, you’re looking at him.” And that is true! What motivates Rip to long to serve others? It’s something that can only be produced in him from the Spirit of God – and it’s kindness.

Kindness is a slave to the righteousness of God. 

And as much of a ‘doer’ Rip is in showing love and kindness to others, he thinks of the smallest gestures to communicate that loving and kind heart of his.

When I saw that he left a note for me…what I really saw was his heart of gold and his mindset of kindness that beats hard in this man.

And not only that,

I saw his kind and genuine love for me….

all on a torn piece of paper.


Show kindness, friend. 

It matters more than you know.


In His Grace and Peace,


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