All Because I Ordered My First "Simplified"

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Nothing like a strong cup of coffee, a bible verse, and a quote to get you to make a very important decision!

I was sitting at my desk when I finally made the decision – one I make every year around this time – which planner I’d use for 2019. I’d been searching and asking friends which planners to check out, and it came down to a choice between 3. All organized well, ample writing space, timed out daily pages,…all just cute as could be, too.  But then there was this ONE that kept popping up everywhere I looked – on Facebook, Instagram, and every. single. time. I’d look through its content, I was ALWAYS drawn to the creator. I just seemed to want to know more about her.  Then, there she was! Emily Ley was a keynote speaker at the Business Boutique in Nashville this month. Emily Ley is the Founder, CEO and Team Captain for SIMPLIFIED.


As soon as I placed my order for the Water Color Floral Daily Simplified Planner,

I also subscribed to be on her email list. Which, by the way…if you do decide to purchase a Simplified Planner, PLEASE be sure to subscribe because you will get, (not too much, not too often, but in just the right timing and portion), some of the most helpful tips to better organizing your home and life, as well as emails like the one I opened yesterday.

And to think … my own world was deeply impacted (and even energized), yesterday and it was . . . . . . . .

all because I ordered my first “Simplified.” 

Meet Christie and Justin Tyner as they share with you their story and as Emily Ley shares from her heart … (click on photo)

“A few short years later, when her first son was born, their lives changed forever …” – Emily Ley

Oh, and you may be wondering what verse & quote, that I mentioned at the first of my blog, got me to finally make the decision on which planner I’d need for 2019 –

“Be sure that everything is done properly and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40 and

“Had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are in, Divine Love would have put you there.” – Charles Spurgeon

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