Ain’t About the Fancy, but the FUN! – So, Rip Reno’s at 7 Acres!

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Rip took off work for a couple of days to get some hardwood flooring installed and I just had to get it on video so you can see just how ………. CUTE HE IS!! Got his little knee pads on, TN orange T, got his work boots on — just too much!

But he is really having FUN FUN FUN doing this! Part of homemaking is not always paying to have someone come to your home and make it all just right. Some of the most fun Rip and I have together, is watching Youtube Videos and working with his dad and getting it done. If there is something you and your family have talked about doing in your home, maybe not as extreme as ripping up 38 year old flooring and installing new hard woods, why not go for it! Watch a video – learn how – and then get goin’!

One reason why we love our home so much is because of the FUN we’ve had making it ours. We’ve split paint, dumped stain all over the floor, gumped up tile with too much grout, and we’ve definitely had our shares of “do-overs.” BUT because we both love to learn, love to work and love to see results that reflect the love we treasure in our household, then it’s worth it all! It’s worth it. There have been so many nights I’ve crawled into bed with Rip still on his knees laying tile. Or I’ve woken up super early to paint some walls or furniture before being at work by 7:00.

But that’s what this mini-series is all about! HOMEMAKING isn’t all and only about having a fancy home. HOMEMAKING is more about the FUN! The laughter! The ideas shared! The times spent in putting your mark on the place.

So, I hope this will inspire you as you listen to Rip talk all about the flooring he and his dad are putting in our home….inspire you to take that “project” you’ve been wanting to do, and consider going ahead and doing it yourself. DIY’s are FUN!!! And from Rip and I, we’d be the first to tell you — YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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