A Note from Lisa

“In His presence is fullness of joy,” Psalm 16:11

Rip and I live in the country that allows us to do so many things while enjoying the presence of our Creator. Things like mowing acres of grass lined with hundreds-of-year-old trees, planting shrubs in random places, and sitting outside to a gorgeous sunset just to hold hands in the quiet. It’s placing old bricks around the edges of flower beds. It’s hearing a knock at the door, getting to perk coffee while guests come inside to a plate of homemade something under the cake dome. It’s sitting in the swing with a friend as they enjoy the fact that they left their phone in their car on purpose. It’s watching our dog run and leap across the creek that’s lined with beautiful wildflowers. It’s taking a stroll to the mailbox while waving at our neighbors as they feed their cows. And it’s curling up in a double-wide recliner with the one my soul loves at the end of another hard-working day. And in it all we experience the joy of His presence.

There is no other way to experience true lasting joy than in the presence of Almighty Holy God. And there is no other way to enter His righteous presence than through faith in Christ alone.

The righteousness of God is made available by faith, true faith. Not just faith in God, no vague attitude here. It is faith directed at the Lord Jesus Christ. True saving faith directed at the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the embodiment of righteousness. He is the one who by His death on the cross revealed God’s righteousness to us. On the one hand He showed us God’s righteousness by the demonstration of a perfect life. On the other hand He showed us God’s righteousness by dying on the cross. God is so right that He has to punish sin. And when Christ died we saw how really righteous God was. We also saw how really loving God was. – John Macarthur

So what we learn about enjoying the righteousness of God is this: It’s apart from anything we do; it is not by our works, or legalism; it is not by our own terms and conditions. We experience the righteousness of God by (What?) – Faith, not false faith, but true faith. Faith in whom? The Lord Jesus Christ. It is through grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone. True faith is an utter abandonment in believing confidence in Jesus Christ. And He alone can give to us the righteousness of God, which we must have if we’re ever to be right with Him and experience the fullness of joy of His presence in our daily life.

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In Christ’s Love,


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