Interior Inspirations

Inspiring the Interior of Your Heart and Home

I was born and raised in Mississippi and was the second child to a hard-working man and an all-in homemaker.

Growing up, I enjoyed working alongside my mother as she taught me how to cook, clean and manage a home. However, being quite the tom-boy, I usually was outside either playing kickball with the neighborhood kids or helping my father with the mowing, weed-eating, and detailing the cars before Sunday. 

As I heard about the love of Jesus through my parents and other adults of my local faith family, I gave my heart to Christ at a young age. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I had an experience that impacted my walk with Him. 

In 1999, after completing a spiritual gifts test and a personality profile, my pastors encouraged my to become a student of God’s Word, to get to know Him experientially and to write down everything I was learning. The follow-up would be to teach all that He had made real to me. Since 1999, God has opened many opportunities for me to author bible studies, write curriculums and devotional guides, serve as a contributing writer to other Christian publications, writing projects, speaking at women’s retreats and church events, and sharing in every capacity He has allowed me to encourage women in living as women of God’s mercy, grace and love. 

In 2004, while sitting on my keeping room sofa early one morning, reading Proverbs 31, the Holy Spirit placed the vision of Interior Inspirations on my heart - a home based business that would allow me to get involved in the lives of other homemakers and families through services such as organizing, decorating, and home management skillsSince 2004, Interior Inspirations continued to grow and expand in services such as remodeling, renovating and redesigning of homes and businesses.

However, in January of 2019, through an undesirable health diagnosis, God called me to an even deeper place of intimacy with Him. He told me, “Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, {Lisa} that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” Luke 22:31-32. For the first several months of 2019, I experienced God in ways I never had before. Through circumstances and situations that God allowed in my life, I discovered so intimately much more about Him. Those months were the most personal between me and God. And the most necessary. I had more time to read and study God’s Word, more time to spend in prayer and to be taught by Him in areas of my life that He wanted to purify and make stronger. I look back on the first seven months of 2019, and I would never wish for God to change His methods. What He has done in our relationship has changed the trajectory of the rest of my life.” 

Interior Inspirations is no longer a service driven business. Interior Inspirations is now a place for four main areas of our life to be strengthened - to abide in Him - produce much fruit - live in His rest - live calm and assured - to experience peace not unrest - to live effectual lives that are watered by the truth, cultivated in compassion and bearing fruit in JOY - to simplify their life for greater intimacy with God.

I hope you will find Interior Inspirations - Inspiring the Interior of Your Heart and Home - to be a place you want to visit every day, and will leave having experienced the love and enjoyment of Jesus. ~ I love you, Lisa