A Short Story

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This morning I want to share a short story with you, a bit of fiction( or is it?) to show you how light always dispels the darkness. We serve a Savior who has won the Victory and according to Colossians 2:15, “He has disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame, by triumphing over them in Him.” Sometimes I think we need to be reminded that we have won and will win. Sometimes I think we need to be reminded that we have an enemy that is the opposite of Truth. Sometimes I think we need to be reminded that Jesus exposes ALL darkness with His saving Blood and Light.

There was a Godly and righteous man, he loved His God and served Him daily. He didn’t look to the right or the left, he stayed on God’s path, even when it wasn’t easy. One day the accuser of the brethren appeared before him and he was angry. His voice was loud and evil. You see He hated this man and more than anything he hated the God that this man served. He wanted to destroy him, but knowing that he could not, he came to torment, to accuse, to curse, and to attempt to confuse him. The encounter went something like this:

“I have been given permission to accuse you and your family. ( Job 1: 6-12) I know I can’t destroy you but I am sure going to try. I will harass you and your family but you will take the brunt of my tricks. You see, your wife I cannot get to, she stays in the Word too much. I may can rattle her a bit, but she is too grounded, she always bounces back. And that child of yours, well, she prays for him too much so I can’t get to him either. I will lure him with the things of this world. I will lead him away from this God you serve for a season, but like I said, her prayers will bring him back.  I don’t care about the other things you love like your animals and possessions, because they don’t have a soul, but you do. I am the Accuser and I am here to do my job, you are my focus right now so get ready, I am turning up the heat. My job is to steal, kill and destroy and I am up for the task. ( John 10:10)  Even though I know that Jesus that you follow and worship has you covered with His Blood and I can’t win, I can still unleash my anger. 

It goes without saying that the man was rattled and shaken to his core, but he resolved to stand. He resolved to believe God’s Word , for he knew that battle was the Lord’s and he need not fight. He knew he must station himself and stand. ( 2 Chronicles 20:17) And stand he did, on his knees that is. You see he knew that the battle was won by prayer and pray he did.  He also told his wife about this confrontation with the evil one, and she too hit her knees, she knew the battle was won in prayer. It was and still is a battle, but they know they win. They win every day the Lord opens their eyes for another day of service in God’s Kingdom. They win every day they get to live, move and breath in the power that comes from the Most High God. (Acts 17:28) They win every time the Word of God leaps from their Bibles and into their hearts. They win every time God puts someone in their path to bless. They win by being about their Father’s business, just like Jesus did. ( Luke 2:49, Luke 22:42)

Why have I told you this story? Some of you may even think it is a bit odd. Remember what I said when we started?  We all need to be reminded that the Light of the World, Jesus Christ ALWAYS pierces through the present darkness that we live in. He has won, He has won, and because He has won, we win!

Living Free,


At the beginning of this post I said “we” serve a Savior who has won the Victory. Let me ask you today, do you serve this Savior that I speak of, this Savior that I love and worship, this Savior that has set me free, do you serve Him? Do you know Him? Not know of  Him, but do you really know Him? If you do not, then today is your day to enter into freedom. Today is your day to enter into the most glorious journey and love you will ever know. Just say this prayer if you want to begin your journey today:

“Lord Jesus, I need You. Nothing makes sense and it is because I don’t have You in my life. But today, this hour, this very minute I ask You to come into my heart and be my Lord and my Savior. Thank You God for Your Son and thank You Jesus for Your Blood. Wash me clean with Your Blood now. I know I am a sinner and I confess it to You now. I turn from my old ways and turn all of me towards all of You. Thank You Lord Jesus for what You did for me and that now I am Yours. In Jesus Name I pray this prayer of salvation. Amen.

 Welcome to the Kingdom of God! We at Interior Inspirations would love to pray for you, and through our website, encourage you daily. Please visit the Inspiration part of our site and share your decision and prayer requests. We truly want to hear from you!

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