A New "Big Girls" Room

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One of the happiest projects is when a family calls and wants help with redecorating a room or space … for their child! The Benge family was my first client who called who was wanting some help in planning, shopping, arranging and simply creating a new “big girls” room for their daughter, Holly. Now, Holly and her sister, Hannah, are two VERY special young ladies to Rip and me, and the same with their parents. We really got to know Jenna and Dustin in Haiti when we went there for some mission work, and they make quite the team!

But here is what the room was before we got going … light gray walls, a junior bed, a small glider, changing table, etc. Just a sweet “little girls” room!





At the initial consultation, I loved  listening to Holly’s mother, Jenna, share with me how they were wanting to make her room more into a big girls room, like her older sister.  So, we went to Hannah’s room and there I was able to gather up so much more inspiration in the direction they were thinking. Hannah’s room was bright, bold and happy!

The first big change? I suggested having the walls painted a Benjamin Moore Natural Wicker. It was time to bring some brightness to the walls that would work with all the new big girl colors – colors that would be bold and happy!

Until the painters could get started on the wall, the bed was already replaced with a true full big girl bed, … hot pink headboard and all! First, a new bedspread and pillow shams that had the bright colorful pom-pom type tassels. Then, the bed skirt – with an eyelet lace ruffle. All it needed now was a little more, “bringing it all together!”



Jenna found the perfect chest of drawers and had it painted a good strong blue. We added twin bedside tables with matching lamps and Jenna finished them off with some cute decor she found recently.  Curtains came down and new whiter drapes were hung with a custom trim added to the inner hem :)))  Walls got painted – wall art got moved around and changed out …



And her big girl room all came together! Jenna thinks like I think  –  symmetry! So the twin tables with matching lamps were just the way to go :))

And then, the get the wall hanging up was so much fun! The family collected some family photos that were very special to Holly and we got them in frames with new mattes so she can wake up every morning and see the faces of the people who love her so so much! Also, on the same wall, we have inspirational signs and verses to encourage her growing up life of love and faith!



No big girl bed is complete until you have some fun soft and funky pillows!





The chest of drawers turned out perfectly and now she has a low hanging corkboard to display her art, birthday invitations, or any little sweet something she makes at church or with the family.



The Matilda Jane art was another great touch to Holly’s room …. along with some happy knick-knacks!







Holly’s room definitely turned out to be such a fun and happy place!













This is the trim Jenna had added to some plain white drapes — I thought it was the perfect touch!





And there’s the wide lens view of a sweet little girls room …



Hope you are enjoying your new big girl room, Holly! You are such a blessing!




Little Seeds Rowan Valley Nightstand


Wrought Studio Guildford 26.5″ lamp


Eyelet Sweet Home Collection Embroidered Floral Dust Ruffle


Gilcrease Shag Hand-tufted White Rug


Or the Kenny Snow Area Rug


Milagro Faux Fur Pillow


Ashbrook Throw

Pink Throw

Pom Pom Bed

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