A Home a Rest – Emotional/Mental R.E.S.T. – Video 9 (Prt 2)


Have you ever faced a situation or a circumstance in your life that was so emotionally and mentally challenging that you honestly didn’t know if you were going to make it? Have you ever hurt so deeply or had such a mental load or were overwrought with thoughts of rejection, betrayal, hurt, fear, worry or were just so unsettled that your mind and emotions were no where near experiencing rest?

I’m really hoping that this video which is part 2 of our Emotional and Mental R.E.S.T. series, will be a source of encouragement and even strengthening for you.

Here is the PDF and the Word document if you’d like to print it off and follow along.

A Home at Rest – Emotional:Mental Part 2 PDF

A Home at Rest – Emotional:Mental Part 2 WORD



Now, you probably have figured out by now that Dr. Tony Evans is just someone I learn from. I have not watched this video that I am posting for us right now, but I saw the title and I just have a feeling that what he is going to say will just take what we are talking about (emotional, mental rest, obedience, faith) to just a whole ‘nuther level!!





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