A Grandmother's Old Hutch and One Word

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Hi Members!

I know…it’s been a while since I’ve shared with you, and I do apologize. Since we moved to MS in March, 2016, the Lord has allowed opportunities that has stretched us, grown us and kept us both on our knees and in the homes of families needing help. And we are greatly humbled at His will for our lives! Our work is our worship and as David Jeremiah said in his sermon this past Sunday,

“When I do what I’m called to do, I’m loving God.” – Dr. David Jeremiah

But I wanted to talk with you about something I believe is “necessary” in our generation of believers, like never before.

What is the definition of “necessary?” –

absolutely needed : required : of an inevitable nature : inescapable : logically unavoidable

Our generation is seeing to epidemic proportions, wickedness disguised as angels of light, evil masked to be servants of righteousness, greed, immorality, lifestyles centered on self, accidental deaths, sexual sins, greed, love of fame and money, suicides, homicides, theft, wanting it all without work, followers of Christ being killed, Christians suffering in horrific ways for their faith … has this been a part of our world in generations past? Of course, but as the Word of God tells us, these things will increase as the Day of Christ’s return draws closer, and the love of most will grow cold. 

We must y’all…we literally must live in the TRANSFORMING power of Scripture! It is so NECESSARY! The Word of God is active and alive and as we eat it … as we devour God’s truths and His promises for our life, we are being transformed more and more into the image of Christ. Without that craving of His Word, without that belly-full consumption into the marrow of our spiritual DNA, we will fall. Truth is…we will fail and fall at some point or the other because we have NOT been made new, born of the Spirit, to exist APART from the breath of God! His Word is His breath – and it is NECESSARY for us to receive His breathing Word into our life. Apart from that life, the life of Christ, we can do nothing…but with that Life, we can do all things!

When I walked into my client’s home, one of the things she showed me was her kitchen hutch. It was her husband’s grandmother’s hutch and she wished it looked a little more, well, just different from the golden oak finish.

So, after we talked about the rest of the space and what furnishings she was going to place in her breakfast nook, we decided to paint it a nice rich warm-toned black and paint the inside white.

Now, the reason I’m sharing this with you is this … There were 3 things that were NECESSARY for me to provide the end she wanted:

  1. Prepare -a.) I needed to prepare my calendar for the trips to her home; b.) I needed to prepare all my supplies and tools to get the work done; c.) I needed to prepare the space for the project; d.) I needed to prepare by “seeing the vision” of what it would look like completed and keep that vision in my mind until the end
  2. Position – a.) I needed to position myself in her home on the times we had agreed I would work b.) I needed to position myself to “WORK” – push the sleeves back and get busy
  3. Pray – a.) I wanted to pray claiming His Word throughout this project so that I worked in Christ’s strength & endurance, showing His talents, having His attitude; b.) I wanted to pray His Word in her home as I worked because His Word does a whoooooole lot more work in a home than any elbow grease I got!


Those three NECESSITIES are critical to every project and every client I get the pleasure of working for. Non-negotiables. Absolutes. NECESSARIES!

The end result –


She got exactly what she wanted and in the meantime …

I had memorized verses that I’d prayed for her, her family (as she had shared personal struggles with me they were experiencing, and personal JOYS of a wedding!) So much of God’s Word (that I had hidden in my heart), His Holy Spirit used in our conversations and in the way of prayer-working inside her home.  And during those days in her home, there was SOOO much more than just a painted hutch that happened….but the spoken Word of God showed the enabling power of God, the indwelling presence of God and my client was left happy!

And I left humbled … because I had NO IDEA when I walked into her home, the issues and life-stances she would be facing. BUT, while transforming a hutch and as we talked, God’s Word got busy! Busier than me! God’s Word pushed back the mighty sleeves of God’s compassion and understanding that He had tucked (hidden) inside my heart and it came pouring out to the ministering needs of a precious client….a new friend.

Ladies, we need to be Word-Warriors… not only prayer warriors!!

We are living in a day that people need not what we think, not our opinions, not what we reason — people need the mind of Christ, the heart of God, the LIFE of the Word! It is NECESSARY!

That is the one word that God has brought into my life with FRESH life!


It is NECESSARY that we see people through the lens of Scripture. 

It is NECESSARY that we pray Scripture when we pray. Period.

It is NECESSARY that when we walk out our door into a new day, we walk in the WORD.

It is NECESSARY that we memorize Scripture so that it is a readied Word in season.

It is NECESSARY that we become Word Warriors!! That is the kind of woman God seeks!!

It is so necessary that people know, feel, care for, receive, believe, uphold, share, pray, serve…the WORD OF GOD!! People need holy Scriptures that are shared and given to them “at the proper time.” People need real words of assurance and promise where they can place all their burdens, rest all their worries … and we, as feasters of the LIVING Word, need to be talking, walking, whispering vessels of the greatest necessity of a person’s life – the WORD OF GOD!

As with the hutch, when people encounter the Word of God, (spoken to them in season), it TRANSFORMS them!  It changes their faces, their demeanor, their disposition. It transforms them inside and out. And it brings such beauty to their life!

Will  you join me in memorizing the WORD of GOD!? Asking the Holy Spirit to hide (engrave) the Word of God in our hearts? So that we might not sin against Him, and so that we may encourage one another all the more as we see the day approaching! (Hebrews 10:15)

Because He Lives,



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