A Back Porch Visit with Shay Greenwood

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I can’t think of a better word to describe how Rip and I are feeling right now!

For over 1 month, we have not been able to post any of the videos we’ve been making in IMovie into Youtube. We went to the Genius Bar multiple times, our Mac had to spend the night once because it needed “surgery.” Then I’ve been on the phone with Apple Care-givers numerous times. But it was TODAY, after a 2 hour and 22 minute phone call with Justin at Apple Care that we got ALL problems resolved!! I literally went baaalistic!!! He did too!! He said he had NEVER been challenged like that and he was so glad the entire screen sharing experience was recorded.

May I share with you what I learned during this month of pressing forward and not giving up?  It’s ok to be relentless. It’s ok to keep your nose to the grindstone and keep pushing back those sleeves and gett’r done! I was not going to throw in the towel. I was determined. And you know what…my determination came from a very quiet whisper…”I made you for this.”  I knew every time I (or Apple) could not figure out what was the problem, to keep trying because the ministry of Rip and I making simple videos with a message of hope, truth, and encouragement, of “how to” and just daily-do’s and inspiration is God’s will.  He clearly and consistently kept saying, “I made you for this.”

That’s all we need to hear when we face obstacles. We were made for this. Made in the image of God.

My friend, Shay Greenwood, shares in this video obstacles in her family’s life that they, together, have faced along the way of “life” – and even now, what they are believing God for. What they are pressing forward and facing with faith-filled determination. No waving a white flag, only raising the banner of their Lord day after day. Shay knows that no matter the circumstances, they win. God wins! Their life is a life of victory walking – “they were made for this.” They were made to glorify God in “this.”

So, now let’s listen to a dear saint, soul and friend to SO many, Shay Greenwood, share with us her thoughts about, “Falling In Love Again… with the Lord.

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