7 Acres Mart Is Expanding…and You're Invited!

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Hi friends! Rip and I are sitting on pins and needles because our little  7 Acres Mart is growing…and there are some new additions to the mart that we’re so excited about and some will be in the mart before Christmas!!

I had more fun packaging and praying over all the Serve You Trays and Beauty Boxes that we shipped out this week, and I just wanted to let you all know… THANK YOU for asking us to custom order them, too!

Some orders are for a lighter more washed look, some chalk painted with a little distressing, some with longer chunky iron handles, and y’all we’re thrilled to make them just as you want.

Shoot us a photo of the finish you would like, and it’ll get done. Sissy Morris did just that. She showed us the type stained and washed look she was wanting, and the Bible verse she wanted on the bottom, too.

Also, we are waiting to hear very soon if we are going to be expanding into a brick and mortar location!! God is doing some amazing things that we feel like we’re spectators, watching it all! There is so much I want to tell you, but my wise WISE man is saying, “Baby, don’t put the cart before the horse,” so I have to live tight lipped … for now.


IF you are a local artist or business owner of any kind – pottery, antiques, artwork, stationary, seamstress, iron smith, woodworker, antique collector, etc., we would love to meet you and see your work and items.

We are already excited about one vendor — www.littleseedfarm.com

This is one amazing couple! Click here if you want to hear their story?

He and Rip talked just the other day at Kroger and he was thrilled to hear Rip say how we’d love to have their products in our 7 Acres Mart.

But who wouldn’t y’all…their soaps and products are all made from goats milk! They live on the most humble TN goat farm…click on the link above and take just a moment to hear their story. But, I love their soaps and serums and lotions!!! And they are all over this country and internationally located.  Mr. Rey comes into Rip’s Kroger to “fluff and straighten” The Little Seed Farm display himself and he is one humble man.

But we want to know what YOU have! We want to know you and the gifts of “Creativity” God has given you! We want to work with vendors who have a passion in what they’re doing and creating!

So, if you would be interested in sharing your products with us, then please email us at


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