30 Day Challenge Begins TODAY!

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It’s  2:00pm on Monday, July 24, and it’s time for us to begin the 30-day challenge of our saying, “No to spending = Yes to saving!

Are you ready to live the next 30 days on the Cash System? The cash system I have shared with you originated with my friend, Toni Hammersly. Rip and I spent all weekend preparing for our 30 day challenge by stuffing our binder with cash behind every labeled envelope.

  1. Health – I have a sinking fund for this category but keep a small amount in my wallet to pay for prescriptions, over the counter medications, and co-pays.
  2. Lisa  – Personal Spending money.
  3. Grocery – Rip and I budget $50 per week for groceries. It’s just the two of us and we easily can eat for 1 week delicious super food meals for under $50.00.
  4. Household – This category is for everything besides food (toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, batteries, cleaners, etc).
  5. Gifts – I have a sinking fund for this category but keep $20 in my wallet for times when I see opportunity to give a “happie” to someone.  The rest of the gift budget remains in the bank (Holidays, Family Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc) and I withdraw it as needed.
  6. Dating – Rip and I look forward to the weekends when we may eat out, or pick up frozen yogurt, etc., so I keep a small amount in our cash binder.
  7. Clothing – I only put cash in the binder when I know there is a specific need. We no longer purchase for the sake of something new.
  8. Auto – I keep a small amount in my wallet and the rest in a sinking fund (car washes, oil changes, gas, etc).

As Toni has shared her answers to typical questions: 

  1. How do I pay for more than one category in a single purchase? When you are placing your items up at the register, separate by category and pay for them separately. It only takes a few extra seconds and it will keep you organized.

  2. How do I make online purchases? Simply pay for the item using your bank account. Then go to your cash envelopes and remove the money from that specific category. Place the money in an envelope labeled “bank”. When it’s time to withdraw money out of the bank the next payday (to stuff your envelopes), take it from your “bank envelope” first.

  3. How do I easily keep track of my purchases while I’m shopping? After you pay, place the receipt in the designated category slot in your wallet. Once you get home, you can write down your purchases on your budgeted expenses form and deduct the amount from your category total on the budget worksheet (If you are keeping track). Keeping track holds you accountable for where your money is going. Trust me, it works!

Here are her 10 simple ways to save money:

I have already written a pretty lengthy blog about this challenge, (posted July 14), and am thrilled to hear how so many women (and men) are jumping on board.

But Toni recently had a financial challenge with a group of people and it was extremely successful, primarily in the goals that we all appreciate solid counsel and it’s in the area of …


She also provided sound “Financial Peace coaching to those who participated in just living off a budget. So, if you would like to explore all her insights and advice in financial budget plans and in the best ways to invest your money, then please visit my friend Toni Hammersly, founder of A Bowl Full of Lemons.

You can find her on several websites and social channels.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/abowlfulloflemons
Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/toni_hammersley
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abowlfulloflemons/

Once you become a subscriber on her Instagram account, you will have access to everything she shared during her focus on “Financial Peace” and being a wise steward.  She has also authored several books that help take the mindset of being organized in your finances, to also being organized in your homemaking. I have all her books and they are some of my absolute favorite in home care.

So let’s do this together! You will look back at the end of this 30 day challenge and be thrilled to see the financial progress made in greater … financial freedom!

Be Blessed,


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