3 Tips for Working With Patterns

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In my earlier blog post, “My Predictions for 2017 Decor’ Trends,” I shared some of what I see coming in 2017 – just having a little fun with some personal predictions. Some being, 1) seeing more hues of blue, 2) plenty of textures, 3) very eclectic decorating styles, 4) more use of patterns being peppered throughout a space, 5) and a whole lot more of “personality” in a home – personal touches that really reflect the heart; the person(s) who ‘gets to’ live there.

But when we are mixing patterns (not only in pillows and fabrics), but patterns in photo frames, in decorative accessories, rugs, drapes, etc., we can overwhelm a room with too much pattern if we aren’t really careful in how we work with them. So I hope this blog helps us as we bring patterns into our rooms and spaces.

TIP #1



When you are wanting to add pattern, it’s best to start with 2 colors. Whichever colors you choose, those will be “the color principals” for the rest of what you do in that space. Remember when you were in school and the principal and assistant principal would walk down the hall just to peek in the classrooms to see how things were going? And once either of them came into the classroom, everybody got in line. Sometimes even the teacher, but the students wanted to be orderly, calm, and show how well they all worked together because … the 2 chosen prominent ones (who really set the conditions for the classroom) were there.

That is what these 2 prominent selections do to a room/space – whatever 2 ‘color principals’ you choose, they keep all the other additions to the room orderly, giving a more calming atmosphere, and causes all the other accessories and textures in the room to work so well together.

Tip #2


In the same color, have fun finding pillows or fabrics in fun patterns.

Tip #3


If I were to go shopping for accessories to work with these pillows and patterns, I would make selections like these:


Here is a great photo of layering and accessorizing …


7The accessories in this room work so well with the patterns this homeowner chose. If I were working with a tobacco tufted sofa, (like the one in the photo), I would not use the pillow that you see on there now. I would take a dusty gold with a nice fringed edge, with a faded blue design and pair it with a complimentary pillow.


When working with patterns, just remember to keep 2 colors as the principals, use patterns in those same colors, choose one neutral and then layer.

Enjoy  your home,


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