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In 2015, while helping a friend in Columbia, TN, with some of her home renovations, she introduced me to a group of men who had their own construction business – Lee Brothers Construction. All the men in this company are just what the name says – they are all brothers.

And then there is Jordan … the oldest brother, who married a beautiful southern belle named Mallory Joyce and he is the father of 2 sons.

And now … I am so excited for you to meet precious Mallory!


Together, they live in TN and are cultivating family, y’all, in the most awesome ways!!



But the reason I wanted you to just come on into their world and see how they are cultivating family is because of this reason – they cultivate with love. And a whole lotta’ little boy cuteness and goodness!!




Simplicity. Purety. Bone honesty. Family. Friends. But most importantly, with Jesus Christ being the Cornerstone of their lives.

You will hear just that in her latest facebook post:


Sometimes I get so busy being a mom that I don’t have time to be the mom I WANT TO be. Anyone with me?
When you’re so busy changing diapers, cleaning up messes, cooking meals, washing laundry…and the most important moments can pass right by?

Before kids I pictured being a mom that cooks gourmet meals everyday, a consistently clean house, and never losing my patience. ???????? Basically I wanted to be the perfect mom.

Let’s all have a good laugh!! Anyone that knows me knows I’m doing great if my boys are actually wearing clothes.???? (Big score if the clothes actually match. ????)

I’m learning that being a good mom has very little to do with all of that. The prayer of my heart is to be a mom who points her little one’s hearts towards Jesus. I want to do my best in nurturing their little souls, with constant prayers for guidance.

We decided to have a spur-of-the-moment picnic today.

Nothing special, just threw a tablecloth on the table and whatever food together that was in the fridge. It was  on enjoying them.
They soaked it up. {Well, Thomas did. Flint filled up on food and took a nap shortly after. ????}
But they loved it and I’m really aiming to be more intentional in my motherhood.

I’m no perfect mom, but I CAN BE a present mom. Intentional. Listening and talking and doing my best to make special memories in the middle of chaos. They won’t remember the mess, but hopefully they’ll remember the moments.


Follow Mallory and Jordan and you will be so inspired to do something in your own home — keep on cultivating family!

Jordan and Mallory – FACEBOOK


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I’m Lisa Rippy, a happily married woman to my wonderful Rip. We have 5 children and we live right outside of Madison, MS. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love for all things “homey” from decorating, simplifying, remodeling, organizing and simply turning a house into a "Home Sweet Home." My passion is helping families live the life they long for in the interior of their hearts and homes. It all requires thought, planning and work that Rip and I both love to do! But if there is anything at all I can do to help you and your home life, please reach out to me. Nothing would thrill me more than to inspire YOUR heart and home!

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