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Remember when yo-yos came out in some of the cutest colors? Now, I’m not talking about the toy yoyo. Oh, no…the yo-yos I’m talking about are those ‘had to have them because everybody had them’ SHOES!!

The yo-yo was a shoe, …no, wait, it was THE shoe that came out in the late 70’s early 80’s and when I tell you everybody had a pair, everybody had a pair!

I remember sitting beside my two best friends on the church pew and we would put our hand in the hole of the heel and give our foot a slooooow pull up to help us cross our legs. Before the yo-yos, we just crossed our legs. Done. But with the yo-yo, oh, it was quite the production! After all, we had a HOLE in our shoe and,  … well, you just found all sorts of things to do with it!

But as with most of my clothing trends, they eventually found their way on a 6 ft table with a piece of tape on them that said, “$1.00 …. that was the going price for shoes in most garage sales.

There is one fashion trend that seems to actually not be a trend at all, but instead it only continues to get a new look, new pattern, and new lower or higher waist lines. It’s the infamous figure flattering bell bottom pant or flared-leg pants. In the 80’s they looked like this –

Wool or polyester, but the “trend” was to make sure they covered the shoe and was a solid color.Then, when Charlies Angels came on TV, they brought the bell bottom and flared-leg pant down a bit in a more casual style – denim.

And today, we have both styles in 2020 … a fringed hem and high waist on the bell bottom and a high waist and flat front on the flared-leg pant. Both are so cute but for “the seasoned” shopper as myself, I’d skip over the fringy pants and go more for the flared pants 🙂

So, what makes for a trend? It is something that is full of new ideas coming to the Market based on so many variables from consumers and their shopping habits, their cultural changes, etc.

For 2020, when it comes to home design and decor’, the trend is that …

“Neutrals will be replaced by warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones, according to Christiana Coop, who is the co-founder of Hygge & West. She explains that uniqueness should reflect individuality.

“People are designing their homes to reflect their personalities and creating spaces that tell their story. What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in magazines or on social media. Tiles, cabinetry, and walls all serve as opportunities for more color,” she says.

So, let’s look at some bathrooms shall we? Let’ gather up some creative ideas from some bathrooms that use color in wallpaper…which is a definite design come back. More designs are beginning to replace the old vintage idea of wallpaper and offer very colorful and creative ways to add color and pattern.

Look at the warmth, the color, the texture and the detail in this one bathroom! I love a good gold mirror…when people were chunking them in the backs of their cars and hauling them off to Goodwill or a local thrift store, I’d follow them there! I remember one lady sold a gold GORGEOUS mirror on facebook – the gold was aged, the detailing was exquisite, and the mirror itself was just in mint condition and she had it listed for near pennies! I private messaged her so fast!! You see, timeless traditional pieces always work…even if all they are used for is that delicate piece of jewelry for a space. Give me a white T-shirt and a pair or ripped jeans, and I’ll through some gold jewelry with it and Viola’…you just turned something rugby to something classy.

Boehemian is such a strong style choice among young people and this wallpaper is perfect to add the color and pattern to a bathroom.  For me, if I were to have selected mirrors for a boho wallpaper pattern, with everything else being so neutral, I would’ve gone with something like…

This. to add warmth, color and some texture. Right now, the bathroom is very monochromatic (pretty much all the same color), and when you can add pops of color and texture, it actually makes the space feel very warm and inviting.

Big Wooden Mirror and Industrial Oak Mirror / Wooden Mirror / Rustic Mirror / Home – Woodcarving101.com

But if a wood mirror would be too much for a master bathroom, and you’d rather have something more “dressy”, a good vintage mirror would do the trick and it would definitely help make that bathroom saw more “his and her.”

Then, if you added a vintage gold mirror like that one, you could place small white vases with gold trim with plants sprigs coming out on the counter tops. You could set a vintage hair brush and hand held mirror on the counter, or 1-2 very simple and delicate frames showcasing your children, pets, and loved ones.

What are you thoughts on this bathroom? The paper is big and bold, there is a lot of movement in this space with the curved faucets, the added detail on the drawer fronts, ornate pulls, floor tiles that are another pattern, … this is either totally your style, or you are already ready to change the wallpaper to something on a smaller scale. With the vanity being as it is (and it is rather the focus point of the room), I would have selected a less “in your face” and actually less geometrical as a pattern for the walls. Something more victorian like the vanity. Something more like …


This next bathroom is just adorable and fun with all the textures, colors, and patterns. Just to give another wallpaper options for this space, I would also consider something like …


With the trees outside and working with the blues in the window treatment, this blue paper would make everything in that space POP and showcase, while still having a fun and trendy and whimsical paper on the walls.

Ok, just one more…look at the clean look of this bathroom. There is this “it always works” factor when it comes to gold and blues. But, again, if I wanted to keep the bathroom soft, but not a big fan of a boho look, I would use a wallpaper more like this …

It keeps the decor and style of the room on point, but helps give just a different look and feel with it being a monochromatic floral.

I hope you’ve been inspired looking at some 2020 design trends for putting wallpaper in our  bathrooms. That is definitely the look I’m going for in mine and Rip’s new master bathroom because of two reasons: 1) there is just something about vintage printed wallpaper that works in this little 1800’s farmhouse. And 2) it cleans sooo well!

Be inspired y’all!



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