Month: April 2015

Happy Good Friday! … yes, my cup overflows!

By lisa rippy / April 3, 2015

Happy Good Friday! Getting up this morning was difficult and a delight all at the same time. Around 5:30am, as I made my way to our front porch swing with my Bible and cup of coffee, I sat there and thought … I know where Jesus was last night and…

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Today should be different

By Rene' Collins / April 3, 2015

Today should be different. Christians should be different everyday, we  live in the world but we should not look like it. But today, well, it should just be different. It is not any other ordinary day. Today I want to thank my earthy father, Tony Ignozzitto for teaching me why…

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Three Days Later

By Libby Williams / April 3, 2015

  …“for He was teaching His disciples, saying to them, The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men, and they will kill Him,.  And when He is killed, after three days, He will rise.”  Mark 9:31 All hope seemed lost.  Jesus had breathed His…

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Created in His Image

By Rene' Collins / April 3, 2015

This may start off as a pretty predictable post about spring cleaning etc….. Just hang with me.  It just came over me. My closet needed to be purged. I have bought just a few new items for summer and spring and it made me take a look at what I have.…

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Don't look back

By Rene' Collins / April 2, 2015

I came across these pajama pants while cleaning out my closet today. I hesitated getting rid of them because I think they are really cute, but……. There is that “but” we all don’t like! The fact is that these pants bring back really bad memories of being sick in 2013.…

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"You’re Invited!"

By lisa rippy / April 1, 2015

Good Wednesday morning! As soon as I opened my Inbox, I found this devotional challenge waiting on me by Jim & Elizabeth George, an amazing team of authors who have written over 70 books, sold over 10 million copies and have inspired the lives of thousands of men, women and…

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