10 Ways to Create a Beautiful Bedroom

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It’s hump day y’all, and that means here at my blog, I’m bringing to you some of the hot deals I find online! The 10 super savings that I want to let you in on today are all about …. “Creating a Cozy Guest Room.”  If you don’t have a guest room, no worries … it’s still for you because these savings are all about creating any bedroom to be that inviting place we love for them to be. So, for me, I have been giving a good bit of thought to our room and what it brings as far as “experience.”

Here’s why —

For me, since the start of the year, there have been some changes made in my life. Good ones. And they’re just really showing off as being sooooo beneficial for my health and overall state of being. Did you know that how we think has a direct impact on the paths of life we find ourselves on? Look at this verse –

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not rely on your own understanding;
think about Him in all your ways,
and He will guide you on the right paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

As I think about the Lord in all my ways, (as I plan, work, create, talk, listen, play, bake, cook, exercise, etc.), He guides me in the paths that are right. Right paths for my health, my work, my business, my homemaking, my relationships). “Thinking about Him” more and more … intentionally & really being even more aware of the Lord in my life, well, it’s just been one of those “good” changes that just keeps becoming more and more beneficial in so many ways!


But, let’s get started with the 10 super savings … (oh, and just click on the product name or the image and it will take you right to all the specifications.)


Sten Upholstered Panel Bed – This bed is a French Country offering which blends European elegance with warm, country styling. The woven texture of the sand colored upholstered fabric is accented by the unique, multi-step Natural Oak finish which is applied to the metal portions of the bed. This look fits well in both country homes and more stately residences and transforms any room from ordinary into something interesting and sophisticated. A client of mine is ordering this for one of her guest rooms and it’s going to be the perfect touch to an already warm and inviting space!  31% off priced at $429.99


Cavaillon Panel Bed –  This beautiful bed is now 44% off, priced at $203.14. There is just something about the antique bronze that is simply gorgeous! It does come also in a Off-White, Meadow Green, Silver Birch and Blue Steel, but that bronze …. (my fav!)


Abell Sleigh Bed – This bed is going to be the perfect fit for those who just love and don’t want to let go of good o’ Traditional pieces. It is 66% off and priced at $476.99! (A steal!), and it’s one of those beds that works beautifully with any linens…neutrals, pastels, warm jewel tones.


Deolinda 4 Drawer Accent Chest – Have you been looking for some clean, white, very pretty side tables?? Well, look no further…these have some of the best vintage aged bronze handles! This piece is also 66% off priced at $429.99. (Literally, can purchase 2 for less than the price of one!)


Leena 2 Drawer Accent Chest – Maybe you’d like something less farmhouse, and more French as your accent tables? Then this little Lenna is for you!! 🙂 It’s 68% off priced at $309.99. (Are these deals not just amazing…especially if you’ve been meaning to get to that bedroom and create a very inviting peaceful place..these are some wonderful savings!)


Albin Rattan Basket with Hoop Handles – No bedroom is complete (in my opinion…smile!), without a basket to hold blankets, pillows, books, magazine, a place to drape a soft throw. This basket is 37% off priced at $134,99. It also comes in an even larger basket, 37% off priced at $151.99. This basket is solid! It would last for years and years because of the quality of craftsmanship.


Fairport Seagrass Baskets – When I read the reviews on these baskets, I kept reading that they are larger than they expected and people LOVE THEM! They use them in their bedrooms, but also for storing their yoga matt, children’s toys, etc. They are 50% off priced at $45.99.


Fulwell Metal Bucket – If you just love that Farmhouse style, these are adorable in a bedroom! They are 40% off priced at $62.99, and they come in a set of three!!


Modernist Table Vases – These are a set of 3, and are so pretty with any fresh flowers, snippets of greenery, fresh branches off a budding tree 🙂  You can place them in the bedroom, bathroom, separate them and use them on dressers, accent tables, or on top of a stack of books. I am putting these in a client’s kitchen with some beautiful pottery that is already being displayed on the counter! They are 3% off priced at $47.50


Villeroy & Boch Radcliffe Runner – Ok, so the only photo I have of this gorgeous runner shows it placed vertically is on a table, BUT it would be stunning across an accent chest of drawers, or across the top of a chest at the foot of the bed. It’s made of 84% polyester and metallic and is machine washable. It’s 52% off priced at $48.00


I hope you’ve been inspired!



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