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If there is one thing about our new home that I knew I needed to prepare for, before we moved in, was the fact that we would be back in Carpet Land. Yep, we’ve been all wood and tile for 2 years, but our new farmhouse came with carpet. Nice, very soft, and still fairly new carpet, but still a source for lingering dirt, allergens, and dust mites.

Here is a microscopic photo image of a dust mite burrowed down deep into carpet…. (oh. my. word!!)

One (of many reasons), why the carpet in this house is alllllll coming up! But carpet truly is soft, pretty, and necessary in some homes, but it is also necessary that if and when a homeowner has carpet, that they keep it as clean as possible. Here is what can get all trapped in carpet –

All the pet dander, dust mites, any low-festering mold or mildew from spilt beverages, etc., if it is not thoroughly and regularly cleaned, can cause your home to have an odor….ever so mild…but it can all keep a house from truly smelling clean. In our previous home, we had ZERO carpet and folks would tell us how clean the house smelled. But our house in TN, when we ripped out the carpet, the house INSTANTLY began to keep a fresh clean smell. I remember when Rip and his dad pulled up all the carpet in the home office, and placed the rolled up carpet on the front porch, I went out there, bent over and before I could even begin to take a wiff … the odor from that carpet was too much! It smelled dirty, old, a little “unfamiliar” stench came from it. Even though I would vacuum every day, I guess we just got used to “the smell of our home” and we just didn’t notice it as much until it was all rolled up and piled on the front porch on its way to the dumpster.

So, with dust mites, air pollutes, and dust settling into the fibers of carpet, I knew we’d need a vacuum. I didn’t want to have just any o’ vacuum … there was only ONE for me … ONE that I could honestly say, gets the job done every time! I had used this vacuum in the past, loved how it cleaned all the edges of carpet along the baseboards, loved the suction, super light weight, easy to clean, not overloaded with whistles and bells, and did I mention it is so easy to clean?? Ya’ll, I’m funny about stuff like this … if I’m using any product for cleaning, any sort of device or contraption, I first want to know how well it works, but then I also look at all the nooks and crannies of the thing because it’ll need it’s own cleaning!

So, what is this little wonder that is getting the job done everyday? (yes, … I vacuum every day, only because the carpet is in 4 out of the 10 spaces of our home.) What is the only vacuum I’d ever have to do my daily quick cleaning?

It’s the Oreck Extended Life XL!!

Found this little fabulous on Facebook!

Reviews.com was started in 2013 by a small group of minds that were unhappy with how hard it was to find truly helpful guidance about products and services they were thinking of purchasing. The problem wasn’t that there was no information out there, rather, so much of the information was biased by sponsorships and other types of paid promotion that you couldn’t really trust what was being said — so they decided to do it themselves!

When it came to vacuums, they started narrowing down thousands of vacuums on the market to 19 top-rated models from the best-known brands in the industry. They then tested the models on power, navigation, and their ability to tackle tough messes. With their findings, they created a guide on vacuums outlining their research: https://www.reviews.com/vacuum-cleaner/

As I opened up their research, it was NO surprise to me that the Oreck won!! #1 vacuum for carpet cleaning!! 

Want to really know what products and services work? Keep Reviews.com bookmarked. This team does their research for home, beauty, health & fitness, pet care, moving companies, financial and home services, and much more. For example, Rip and I had cameras installed at our new home wanting to have some Smart Home home surveillance , so we were thrilled to see their research on the Best Home Security Cameras for 2018!

Ok…so,  back to carpet cleaning! One last item I knew I’d need to have for this seasoned little farmhouse was … a RAINBOW CLEANING SYSTEM! This product does it all! With all the attachments, we can DEEEEEP clean our vehicles and our home!  RAINBOW is eco-friendly, uses water-based filtration, no vacuum bags, it is a certified air cleaner, odor eliminator, and allergen reducing POWERHOUSE of a machine!! If you can get your hands on one, you will be totally amazed! Again, we found ours on Facebook and it works perfectly!  It was an older ’80’s model, but once I plugged it in, it did what ONLY a Rainbow can do… DEEP clean all surfaces, purifies the air, and just leaves your home truly fragranced with what CLEAN smells like!!


It’s Saturday morning and on my To-Do list for today is this – 1) work on a writing project, 2) get some ironing done, 3) vacuum our home, 4) keep working on a church ministry focus, 5) enjoy a long run, and 6) have fun in the sheer JOY of it all!!

Hope You’ve Been Inspired,


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