1 More Day!

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1 more day and we kick-off our new home “making” series, “7 Habits of a HAPPY Household!” Now, the key word in that title is in all caps — “HAPPY!”  And that is the reason why I’m sharing one of the HAPPIEST photo I have of me and Rip. We were at a party celebrating his 32 years of employment with Kroger … 32 y’all!!  He started when he was only 16 years old and he will be 50 in August. That man KNOWS commitment, but he also knows, “happy.”  He. knows. Happy!!!

If there is one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that more folks need these days is this – happiness! Pure-dee happiness. I know…I know…everyone reading this who is concerned about theological correctness is probably thinking, “Now. Lisa, happiness is temporal, depending on what “happens” in a person’s life, but joy is eternal. Joy remains.” And to a point, I agree with you.

But only to a point.

Here’s why. I’ve been studying the word “happy” in Scripture – how it is used in the Old Testament and how it is used in the New Testament. I’ve been studying the definition of happy in Greek and in Hebrew. I’ve been prayerfully picky with that one word; picking it apart in how it is used in context throughout the Bible.  And what I’ve come to learn (and leverage) in my understanding of that one word is this ….

Well, you will have to join us in the series STARTING tomorrow, to hear all about that!

If you want to be a MEMBER of our website and go deeper with us in bible study of this series, you can. And there is no 12 month commitment or anything like that. You can join just for this bible study series (that will be posted to MEMBERS only), and then cancel when the series ends. But those who are not members, will still be able to walk along in this series with us, just not have the bible study video lessons…(which I would LOVE for anyone and everyone to be able to be a part of!! Just saying’!)

See you tomorrow!  It’s going to be a party while we discover 7 habits of a happy, happy, happy household!

With HAPPY Heart,


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